Become the Facebook Ads guru your business needs

This is what you will learn

  • Getting the Fundamentals right

    Navigating Facebook Ads Manager, Sorting out your Pixel and understanding the importance of getting your strategy right from the get go.

  • Getting your Hands Dirty

    Setting up your Audiences, Understanding what kind of Objective to choose and zeroing in on what makes for a great Facebook Ad that people will want to click on.

  • How to test your Ads

    How do we know it works? By Testing! How do I know if I have the right budget? By Testing! How do I know if my ad is a success? By Testing! The secret to ALL great Facebook Ads

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome + Bonus!

    • Introduction & Pre-work bonuses

    • Let's start to understand our ideal clients.

    • Customer Personas - Bonus Webinar from the Digital Ascent Program

    • Orientation Questions

  • 2

    Understanding Business Manager

    • Introduction to Facebook Business Manager

    • Understanding Facebook Ads Manager

    • Setting up your Audiences

    • Facebook Terms you need to know

    • How to Access your Facebook Pixel

    • Facebook Audience Insights

    • Questions?

  • 3

    Campaign Objectives, The Campaign Framework & Tracking Conversions (plus a quick look at the Power Editor)

    • Campaign Objectives, the Campaign Framework & Tracking Conversions

    • Downloadable Resources

    • What are the components of a Facebook Ad Campaign?

    • Tracking - Creating Custom Conversions

    • Questions?

  • 4

    Creating Campaigns, Ad Sets & Adverts

    • Creating your Campaign, Ad Set & Ad Creative

    • Setting up your Campaigns. Adsets and Adverts material

    • How to set up a Campaign, Ad set & Ad to drive Traffic to your website

    • How to copy an Ad and an Adset (to create multiple ads quickly and test engagement)

    • How to set up a BRAND awareness campaign

    • Useful links to Facebook ad policies

    • Questions?

  • 5

    How your ad gets optimised for Success

    • Watching your Ad after initial GO LIVE

    • What to be watching in the first 24 hours

    • Downloads

    • Heads up on the metrics

    • Key metrics in the first 24 hours

    • Questions?

  • 6

    Tweak/Test and Review

    • Facebook's Learning Phase - what does this mean for me

    • When things go wrong

    • Downloads

    • Questions

  • 7

    Metrics and Data that Matters

    • Advanced Audience Targeting and Setting up a Re-targeted audience

    • Advanced Audience Targeting

    • Setting up a retargeted audience

    • Questions

    • Key Facebook Metrics

    • Key Metrics for Lead Generation, Conversions & Video Ads Objectives

  • 8

    Simple Facebook Ad Strategies for your small business

    • Taking leads from COLD to HOT

    • Compelling Ad Copy Headlines

  • 9

    Get your hands dirty

    • Time to share your ads

    • Questions

  • 10

    Zoom Masterclass Videos

    • Live Masterclass TBC

    • Live Masterclass TBC

What options are available?

  • DIY Facebook Frontier

    All Course Material Plus a Private Facebook Group to help with individual questions and support.

  • VIP Facebook Frontier

    Everything in the DIY version PLUS 2x1 hour sessions with me, focussing on implementation & strategy work.

  • Payment Plans available

    Payment plans are available with the VIP option, smoothing payments over 3 months

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